About this Mama




Hi, I’m Jessica Jean

Mama of Daisy and Ryder and wifey to Mr. Swan @avocadosuperman

Party hostess with the mostest!

With an Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising I love trying new trends. Make up is my jam! 

I’m a food enthusiast, home-cheffing since I was a teenager. A tea, coffee, spirit, and wine lover.

I am currently creating my own e-cookbook, all recipes created by yours truly. 

Queen of bargains, extreme couponer, IG giveaway winner, and enthusiastic Blogger. 

I LOVE Blogging and I want to collab with your brand/ blog about it so please go to my contact section and hit me up!  I have the best time trying new products and providing positive feedback!!! Your product will also be featured on Instagram.