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Greetings parents! One more daddy takeover for the win! I have received so many products to test and review it is truly an exciting time for me. Today I’m all about these lupii bars! I have learned so much about food trying all of these bars and snacks. I received a variety pack of bars from the good folks at lupii. Reason for the name is due to the main ingredient… Lupini beans! I have heard of these beans in the past but have never tried them. There quite yummy. These bars are completely plant based which is awesome. No added sugar of artificial sweeteners. They make them sweet with dates and cacoa nibs! So when you read the nutritional information, you will see a little big of sugar in them but it’s not the bad kind, but they have a low glycemic impact. I love that these bars only have five to six ingredients in them that’s it! No chemicals or unnecessary preservatives.

First flavor I tried was the Almond butter cinnamon raisin. Very tasty. Love the almond butter taste with the cinnamon raisin twist. Quite delicious! It was a very short time later I went for a second flavor. Tahini Lemon Cranberry. I was a bit apprehensive going in, because I’ve experienced certain foods containing tahini, due to the strong taste of tahini cutting through most of flavors and overpowering the dish. This was not the case, as the cranberry and lemon complement nicely. A nice balance of flavor. I was pleasantly surprised! I saved my favorite flavor for last, Peanut butter cacao nibs! I’m a huge peanut butter can, so I was really excited to try these. I was not disappointed very yummy!! These lupii bars have nine to ten grams of protein and a high amount of fiber! 1/3 of your daily fiber in one bar! Lately I have been focused on getting fit and eating healthy, and these bars are the perfect on the go snacks I will be ordering another variety pack very soon!! You can check them out at there website here…

GET Lupii

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