Proper good and Happi Foodie; for busy mamas that like healthy options and flavor galore!

 Mamas, I just found two new wonderful brands that have me so excited!!! They are convenient for quick meals when you just don’t have time yet healthy so no guilt. And the flavor is just amazing, OMG yum!!! 

Proper good is a prepacked soup with amazing flavor choices like cheddar broccoli, red pepper and meatball, chicken mushroom and so many more. The secret spectacular ingredient they add to all of the soups is bone broth. Bone broth has so many health benefits: gut health, better sleep, loaded with nutrients, protect joints, and support weight loss. Proper good also just sells straight up bone broth if you would like to use it in your cooking like making graving or adding to rice instead of water. In addition to bone broth they incorporate turmeric into most of their soups which fights inflammation in the body.  And the flavor, like I had mentioned, is unbelievably tasty. My absolute fav so far was the butternut squash but I also thoroughly enjoyed the cheddar and broccoli as well as the chicken mushroom. I’ve heard the chicken noodle soup and meatballs soups are all the rage and would love to try them next! If you are interested in purchasing their are many different options on the website; you can build your own box, do a variety pack etc. and any order with 4 or more soups has free shipping! 

EAT proper good Site

Now for Happi Foodi…such a cute brand name and cute packaging that makes me smile. So many fun easy-to-heat food options including entrees, appetizers, veggie sides, keto bowls, and even breakfast. So far I have only had the pleasure of trying a veggie side and it did not disappoint, so flavorful!!! It was the roasted root veggies and cauliflower including sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, red onion, and yellow carrots in a garlic and shallot butter sauce. My husband and I made a couple sunny side up eggs and threw them on top of our Happi foodi bowls. It was a wonderful healthy breakfast and great on time since we were in a rush. 

I have a huge list of other products they make I want to try including the Cuban eggrolls, loaded potatoes, and shepherd’s pie. I just think they come with the most creative ingredients to tantalize your taste buds, Cheers to you Happi Foodi! They are sold in many stores all over the U.S. and I am including the store locater link below so you can find your closest location to purchase. 

Happi Foodi Locator




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