YVY; clean naturally and help the environment

I absolutely love when a brand doesn’t load their products with unnecessary chemicals so when I stumbled pon YVY cleaning products on IG I was pumped to try them. They are using botanical oils from Brazil to create all three sprays they offer: household, kitchen, and bathroom cleaner. I currently use the household spray which you can use to clean anything with, even your floors for those messy spills the kids make. Such a wonderful clean soft citrus scent that I will never get sick of. AND! it’s safe for kids and pets, so awesome! 

Another wonderful fact about YVY is their is zero plastic waste, you just order the capsule, snap it on top of the bottle and add water. The capsules can be recycled!  It makes me feel so good to be helping out environmental causes! I cannot wait to try the kitchen and bathroom cleaners as well. Right now they are running a deal where you get free shipping with the purchase of $35 or more, I love that too. 

YVY website

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