Get my Freak on, organic style.

Freak flag , OMG, this is my jam!!! Wonderful broths, pestos, and sauces/ condiments all in which  are organic! The flavor is bursting out of control, I love flavorful food. I’m absolutely excited to discover such an amazing brand. 

The first thing I tried was the coconut chicken lemon grass broth. I love all things coconut so I couldn’t resist and the flavor was

Off the charts after I took a chug of it straight out of the pouch (which by the way these pouches are so great on the go mamas!)I knew instantly that I would have to create a Ramen with this broth. I took Ramen noodles, cilantro, nori, a soft boiled egg, and diced up some leftover rotisserie chicken. Soooooo good and so easy and fast to make, Just the kind of convenience all mamas need! I also have the chicken tortilla broth which I intend to make a chicken tortilla soup with in the near future. All their broth’s are made with bone broth so the health benefits  go on and on. So great for gut health, Loaded with nutrients, and even helps promote good sleep. 

So next up I had to dig into these pestos! I received a kale pesto and the tomato pesto. Once again, made with all the organic ingredients so the taste was top notch With such great quality. The kale pesto went straight onto a turkey sandwich and I intend to use it in pasta as well. The tomato pesto was utilized in my “chicken Bryan” for daddies birthday dinner. I took Chicken breast and a slathered it with the tomato pesto and topped it with fresh basil and goat cheese and baked it up. He said it was the best birthday dinner ever and so freaky yum; sides of sautéed spinach and turnip mash. 

I am very enticed to try their sauces/condiments next…red mustard, beet ketchup, curry mole etc. Such wonderful, creative sauces, I bet they are amazing. They are on my shopping list for next time, with freaky other fun stuff. 

Freak flag is a Definite must in my kitchen now!!! And by the way I know you want to run out to the store and purchase some, it’s available at your local Whole Foods store. 



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