Non-Dairy Caramel, OH so yummy coffee add-ins!!!

OMG, I don’t know how many of you love caramel but it is def a guilty pleasure of mine ever since I was young! I just love it in my coffee or on my favorite dessert, so I was so honored to be gifted with both of these lovely non-dairy caramel products and they really are amazing. 

First off is Nut Pods, it is a creamer made with almond and coconut cream in place of milk or cream made with dairy. They have a bunch of different flavors but I of course was pumped to try caramel. It was so wonderful in my coffee, super tasty and silky: wonderful flavor as well. No artificial flavors, just natural!!! I am so interested in trying more flavors’ and replacing it permanently with my current creamer! I’m a little late to try holiday nog this year so I would love to try to cinnamon swirl. I bet it will be so good like a cinnamon roll in my morning coffee, thank you Nut Pods for creating such a perfect product that I cannot get enough of! Nut Pods Link

So you know what is even better than straight up caramel, the salted kind!!!! This super rad company called Nature’s Charm makes a salted caramel sauce using coconut cream that tastes like heaven, it is so delightful. You could opt to put it on ice cream but I went straight for adding it to my coffee with the Nut Pods! They also make a chocolate fudge sauce and a butterscotch sauce as well as other vegan products all using coconut instesd of dairy. Coconut water, condensed coconut milk, coconut whipping cream are included in other products: I’m going to make a pumpkin pie with condensed and then top it with coconut whipped cream, but back to the coffee. Before i added my Nut Pod creamer I added heaping tablespoom of the caramel sauce and combined till mixed then added creamer. I have to tell you I am in love with this combination, really so tasty!!! This mama definitely recommends both. Thank you Nature’s Charm for such a great vegan alternative! You gotta try it! Both the sauce and the creamer can be located at Walmart, Amazon, and of course the product website! Cheers and Happy New Year!!! Nature’s Charm Website

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