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Happy Sunday folks! Today Daddy is doing a blog takeover to elaborate on a few strains of Emerald Kratom that I’ve had the privilege of sampling. My wife and I are collaborating with a local company that sells premium quality Kratom. Emerald is located in the beautiful city of New Port Richey, Florida!!!

1st strain- I want to talk about is Green Bali. If you are someone who is unfamiliar with green strains (or kratom in general) I feel in my opinion that the green strains of kratom in general are the most well rounded of all the strains. Green Bali provides you some mood boosting, a moderate amount of pain relief, and a pretty decent energizer!  Green Bali in particular I must say I really enjoyed it all around. Great for in the morning before work. I have a physical career that requires a lot of lifting and movement and this strain really helps. Not just make it through my day, but thrive in the workplace! I think the Green Bali is great in general, but if anyone out there is reading this contemplating giving kratom a try this is a great all around starter strain. I highly recommend it. Especially from Emerald in particular. There Kratom is always fresh and the quality is on point!

2nd Strain- I’d love to tell you all about is also from Emerald Kratom. A White strain…. White Riau! I must admit when I tried this strain for the first time I was pleasantly surprised with the mellow taste. I’ve tried white strains from other brands before and remember the taste being so bitter it was like sucking on a used ashtray. Disgusting. Not the White Riau from Emerald though. I am not really in to white strains in general but this strain did give me a nice energy boost and made me feel laser focused mentally. If that is what you are going for then I recommend giving Emeralds White Riau a shot and you can thank me later!!   

 3rd strain- I’d like to discuss is a Red Strain! Also from Emerald (big surprise right lol) is there Red Thai. Once again I was very pleased with the overall taste of there Red Thai as I’ve often found many other brands red strains to be too sour and bitter to consume. Not this one. For a red goes down nice and smooth surprisingly. This strain (red) provides a very decent amount of pain relief which is exactly what I’m looking for. Having arthritis and a physically demanding job and 2 children to look after I am always in search of some relief from all the aches and pains I have to endure on a daily basis. It really did help with the pain and is a great end of day before bed type of kratom strain. I highly recommend the red Thai strain for anyone searching for some decent pain relief with out having to take prescription pain killers or anything of that nature. Give it a try your achy joints and muscles with thank you.    

Lastly, if I had to just choose one it would be the green 10 times out of 10. Really though it just depends on your preference and what your looking to get out of your kratom. For me I would rank them Green 1, Red 2, White 3. It your willing and able to get your hands on all 3 you can mix a little bit of all three and enjoy the best of all 3 strains which I just did an hour ago before writing this blog… and I must tell you I feel wonderful! If your new to kratom start small, just a teaspoon or so don’t over do it from the start you can always take more if the effects aren’t to your liking. Thanks again Emerald, I will be telling everyone I know about your high quality premium Kratom products and I can’t wait to try some more strains! Until next time Daddy has some thoughts…

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