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I have always been a big fan of nuts, and all kinds so I was so excited to try these two wonderful brands that offer flavored walnuts and peanuts. Crazy Go Nuts offers a wide variety of flavored walnuts both salty and sweet. So for example: the garlic parmesan can be a salad or casserole topping while the the maple can be a fun and yummy dessert topping for ice cream and brownies. Lots and lots of fun combinations! OMG and this walnut butter they offer is so freaking tasty, perfect for a smoothie bowl or any frozen dessert. I personally was so hooked on it I was eating it just plain on a spoon, please don’t tell anyone. LOL! 

Crazy GO Nuts

Now for Dee’s Nuts, by the way I’m absolutely loving the name. Hubby and I had way to much fun joking around about it. They offer both canisters and bags for an on-the-go mommy/ kids snacks. I had to hide the supply of these from my daughter because she just kept going back and back for more, her favorite was the pizza flavor. Yes, it sounds weird but they are divine! Other flavors available include banana pudding, pickle, ranch, sriracha, BBQ, and peanut butter/ jelly. Talk about  a pregnant mama’s dream come true if she is craving pickles, this can be her go to; peanuts and pickles all in one!!! Hubby was so excited about the pizza and bbq peanuts. YUMMERS! 

Dee’s Nuts







































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  1. Hubby here, I had to reply to also add the flavor varieties of the nuts from both brands are fantastico!! I was really impressed with the pizza nuts from dees nuts really captured the essence of both worlds! Banana Pudding peanuts? I know right sounds weird but they really are quite tasty! Don’t sleep on these delightful little crunchy flavorful nuts great source of protein and our daughter loves em!

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