Exsens, Beautiful oils got me feelin’ some type of way

So as you can see my bed is not even made today, yet I felt compelled to skip that “chore” this morning and write about Exsens oils. The first one I tried was the coco shea oil. I love the smell and it makes my tattoos look amazingly refreshed when I applied it on them. It is made of ORGANIC coconut shea butter oil!!! I feel so smooth and sexy for my hubby using such a wonderful oil on my skin, OMG! OK…and get this they have enticing oil smells as well, massage oils. Jojoba, almond, avocado, argan, the list goes on and they are warming oils which i absolutely love, perfect for a date night massage at home. I really want to try the glam oil with glitter, that is right up my alley. This oil would be nice to have on a vacation by the pool with sparkly skin in the sunlight. I encourage to check out their site, they have so many more products to offer! 


Exssens’s Oil Site



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