Koop’s, It’s a MUSTard

It is Sunday and I have felt completely compelled to take time out of my afternoon to talk about this insanely wonderful mustard called Koop’s. I just love all the different flavors they offer. I am a flavor town fan, I need flavor in my darn food so condiments are my besties in the food world. I cannot eat anything without a condiment, I am hardcore like that, and mustard is at the top of the list to jazzing up anything for me as a far as sandwich, one of my homemade salad dressings, adding it to a dip…the list goes on and on. 

As of recently I got the sampler pack of their mustard so my options were literally endless on what I could create! My first creation was a cheese, meat, and fruit platter; I paired Genoa salami, extra sharp cheddar, pear, and peaches with Koop’s honey mustard and stone ground mustard. I got one of my most favorite charcuterie boards and I sliced all the fun meats, cheese, and fruit with crackers and a side of the mustards. Hubby and I were on cloud nine with such a wonderful appetizer, everything tasted so delicious together! 

We were so pumped about the stone ground the next day I grilled up some authentic brats and sauerkraut and had that for dinner. Such a perfect combination this coarse pungently yummy mustard on grilled meat with the crunch from the sauerkraut, OMG!  The next I day went straight for their standard yellow mustard and made the most amazing potato salad which I will of course share the recipe with ya’ll. 

The quality of the products just blow me away, no such additives or weird chemicals. Just ingredients like mustard seed, vinegar, honey, vinegar, the real deal stuff that makes mustard and it make it tasty. I’m super excited to try the to try the Arizona Heat varietal next. which the bottle boast of southwest flavors that are both sweet and spicy, so fun!!! 

Koops Yellow Tater Salad

 3 large potatoes( boiled to fork tender) chopped/diced 

2 celery stalks, diced 

half a small red onion that has been diced

2 eggs (hard boiled) chopped

1/3 cup mayo

2 tablespoons @koopsmustard (original yellow)

1 teaspoon paprika

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper and salt to taste

1 tablespoon stevia or cane sugar

Mix all ingredients in a large serving bowl, let chill for 2 hours! Enjoy your beautiful Koop’s tater salad with ribs and #grilledcorn! Serves 2 with some leftovers if your lucky! 


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