Stoked about Stoka!

I’m so super stoked about Stoka bars, cereal, sprinkles, and marshmallow cream! All of the products are keto, paleo, low glycemic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and low carb. I was shocked by this because those bars were just so darn good and satisfying! I also ordered rainbow sprinkles for my daughter’s 2nd birthday cake for decorating. I figured the frosting was so loaded with sugar, sugar free sprinkles would be an amazing addition. The cake turned out beautifully. 

My husband takes the bars to work so he has no crash like he would with a corn syrup or sugar loaded bar. They are super filling and keep him going thru out the day. The kids loved the bars as in between meal snack.  Hubby and I were both huge fans of the strawberry granola cereal, so tasty on Greek yogurt for breakfast or a snack! 

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