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It’s daddy takeover Tuesday!!! I’m writing today to discuss “luscious” Brooklyn granola balls! This lovely company currently makes two flavors: mango and coconut cranberry. The owner also notified us she has a chocolate and a nut free (chickpeas as a replacement for nuts) in the works for February 2021. It’s a completely vegan/ ORGANIC product by the way.
My wife and I tried both and they are sweet, fruity, and crunchy. I used as topping on my Greek yogurt and it really added some extra texture and dimension! Next time I enjoy the mango one I’m definitely going to use fresh mango as an addition to make the yogurt bowl even more amazing. I shared the yogurt granola mixture with my daughter Daisy as well and she was loving it.  Highly recommend trying these wonderful handmade granola balls. I’m so pumped about trying the new flavors as well. Brooklyn is lucky to have such talent and I can’t wait to visit and make some of these Granola balls with Margaret the owner. 
Fav Flavor: Cranberry Coconut

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