The Jali Fruit Co. – Feelin’ Fruity???

As a mom I am always looking for healthy snacks for the kids, I don’t want to load up the babies bellies with junk food. I want them to crave healthy foods and know they taste even better than the bad stuff. This is why I feel so lucky to stumble upon such a wonderful brand…Jali Fruit Co. They just take healthy fruits and freeze dry them which make the fruit taste like candy like, wow! My daughter Daisy took one bite of the jackfruit and was hooked. She literally ripped the bag out of my hand and went to town. They also have mango and pineapple which are so freaking tasty and convenient if your on the go with the nifty ziploc like top.  

I also found it so awesome they offer a subscription that can be shipped out automatically every month with a 3, 5, or 10 pack option. And of course as you go up to the bigger pack the deal gets better as far as the pricing which I absolutely love. Currently orders over $30 have free shipping, woot woot! I’m certain the kiddos will love these dried fruits and the husband couldn’t keep his hands off them either. Feelin’ fruity now aren’t you??? LOL

Order Jali for yourself!

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