Forty Thieves: Nut Butters

OMG, so I turned 40 on Friday and I received my first shipment of Forty Thieves nut butter, coincidence…I think not! I opened the box and I was legit impressed by these pretty jars. I just love when a brand makes the label looks super fashionable and the product inside the jar did not disappoint. The butters range from cashews, hazelnuts, and almonds just to name a few. They use healthy alternative like coconut sugar to sweeten the butters, I love that. I’m just super excited by all the quality ingredients they incorporate in these products. Good job Forty Thieves on these award winning heart-healthy products. Their website is wonderful too, they have a whole section with tons of recipes you can use the butters for; I am so making the almond pesto sauce. 

After taste testing them all I was super in love. I wanted to get down on one knee and propose, no joke. The salted macadamia butter varietal just blew me away. Instead of bad/ unhealthy fudge or caramel on my vanilla ice cream tonight this is what I used.They use maple syrup and vanilla to sweeten and flavor this beautiful product, I cannot express to how delicious it was. Next time I am definitely trying it in my yogurt breakfast bowl. I’m truly going to bed tonight with happy belly and dreaming about how this tantalized my taste buds. 

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