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Happy Sunday Funday yall’! It is my birthday weekend and I’m having such a wonderful time!!! We went to Clearwater Beach yesterday morning and my cousin Danielle threw me birthday bash, so I decided to have some down time today and blog it up. Last week Coconut Cloud sent me some fun/ yummy products I was so enticed to try. They make dairy free creamer, teas, cocoas, and lattes. I couldn’t believe it was dairy free and used coconut instead!?! So freaking cool and so delicious. Wonderful flavors to choose from. I have only tried the creamer and hot cocoa but I’m super interested in the trying the chai tea latte and the matcha green tea.

I was just checking out their site and they have some lovely recipes which I am totally trying the Pecan Pie latte and I don’t even care it’s summer. The latte incorporate their vanilla creamer, maple syrup, cinnamon, and chopped pecans, Yum! I’m so pumped to have a dairy alternative for my coffee. The hint of coconut really is so tasty and you don’t even miss the milk etc.

Fav Flavors: toasted marshmallow hot cocoa and salted caramel creamer 

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