Steak TACO Tuezday; using Bitchin’ Sauce

Hey MAMAS and other taco eating folks!!!

It is TACO tuesday!!! Time to celebrate with steak tacos and if your vegan you can use tofu or plant based “meat” instead. My little fam only does steak once a month so it is a special treat. Here we go…

Ingredients for steak marinade:

And kind of tender Steak; I prefer sirloin because it’s very lean yet tender AF! 


Soy sauce 

Chili powder 


Taco toppings: 

Avocado @avocadosuperman

2 limes sliced


Cabbage: Finley sliced

Bitchin sauce any variety or sour cream (please see last post for sauce info)

Diced tomatoes 

Corn or wheat tortillas whatever you prefer

Red onion: Finley sliced

Hot sauce and sliced jalapeno if you need more heat!!! 


Spanish rice, refried beans (pinto or black beans), side salad, and or 🌽 

Prepare all the ingredients to top the tacos. 

Here is my go to recipe for making steak:

Mix all steak ingredients in a Ziploc bag and Place sirloin steak inside of the bag. Let marinate on countertop for 30 minutes. You want the steak to be almost room temperature so it sears correctly. 

Turn the heat on so it’s screaming hot and sizzles when steak is placed in the pan with tongs. 

Sear the steak for 5 to 7 minutes till lightly browned on each side then let rest on a plate to seal the juices in. Once it is rested thinly slice for tacos!!! I like to make a whole taco set up with little bowls for each ingredient such as the cabbage etc. It is more fun for the family to come up and have a nice little taco bar!! Also some of your children might be picky eaters and this way you don’t have to hear them complain if they make their own. 

And last of all ENJOY, yummmm and yummy in your tummy tacos!!! 

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