Bitchin’ Sauce; almond condiment!

Healthy delicious flavorful amazing Bitchin sauce! What more could you ask for in a condiment?? Anyone that knows me knows that I have to have a sauce or a condiment on everything and spices galore. I love flavor and Bitchin sauce does not disappoint.

My husband and I decided to have taco Thursday last night so I stopped by target and picked up cilantro chili Bitchin’ sauce to have instead of Crema on our tacos. I sliced up apple (ultra thin), cabbage,  shredded cheese, cilantro, and poured a little hot sauce in a bowl. It’s my taco fixings bar along side the Fixin’s we decided to have sliced pork and a chicken apple sausage For the Protein. For sides we refried beans with Mexican cheese on top and a Spanish rice that I made in our wonderful rice steamer. The recipe for my Spanish rice is simply, 2 cups chicken broth, a small can of diced tomatoes/green Chilies, and 1 cup rice of course. 

After putting all the toppings on the tacos we drizzled the Bitchin sauce heavily on each taco. Our taste buds were lit up like a Christmas tree. And let me tell you about the ingredients of this amazing sauce made in California. It is all quality products such as almond butter, lemon juice, cilantro, and amino acids. I could not believe not one single bad ingredient in it with such a beautiful flavor as it did. I’m in love with this sauce, try it!!! Make that target run and done! 

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