Flax 4 Life…or maybe even infinite

Let me first start by introducing myself, this is Mr. Swan, Jessica’s  lucky husband. From time to time I will do a blog takeover called “Daddie’s Thoughts.” 😝 I also enjoy health products but most of all healthy snacking because I have a sweet tooth! This way I can load up on the snacks but still get some nutrition in my body. This is important to me because I bike at least 5 miles a day and My (essential) delivery job it’s also very physical so I need extra protein and healthy carbs to keep me going Monday through Friday on the 9 to 5 😂 

Today I want to tell you about this cool brand called flax4life! They have muffins, brownies, and granola! All kinds of yummy flavors like chocolate and cherry, chocolate chip, blueberry and chocolate mint. These snacks are the perfect guilt free grab and on the go or late night craving snacks! I have tried a lot of these flavors all are tasty but the cherry chocolate brownies are amazzzing!! If you want to have some yummy dessert like snacks but made from flax seeds so much healthier than most alternatives! I was also very impressed how they used only egg whites and took out the yolks to avoid added cholesterol! The white of the egg has all that good vitamins in it and tons of protein! Try em out!!!

Mama’s Fav flavor: Carrot Raisin muffin

Flax 4 life Site

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